How To Use Twitter In Your Customer Loyalty Programs

Brand loyalty is the need of the hour when competition is rife and it’s a battle to stand out and draw customers in. Using each tool that sharpens your winning edge is, therefore, imperative. Neglecting social media is the end of any business. For many businesses that are getting ahead on the social media wave, Twitter is the secret sauce. At the front-line of customer loyalty programs, this social media is minute and interactive in ways other platforms just cannot match up. Understanding how the brand can maintain and create social media loyalty provides more opportunity for fostering increased customer retention and engagement. Offering cutting edge benefits, Twitter remains the go-to social media for enhancing customer loyalty programs. Here’s how Pathwwway Panama integrates this social media channel into customer loyalty programs and make a difference to profit bottom-lines and optimal resource allocation.

Personal Engagement

Millennials are not the only ones using Twitter, though they are its most extended demographic. Among the largest Twitter users, Millennials are the prime target of most companies that seek to tap the resource rich, young working generation. As nearly 78% of Millennial Twitter users are likely to become followers if they like a brand, likeability forms the core of social media success and the golden standard for incorporating Twitter into customer loyalty programs.

Managing Twitter presence online for likeability is essential. With zero substance or no personality, tweets are unlikely to evoke client trust or loyalty. Instead, the need of the hour is to be active and engaging in a way that fits the product or service to the user’s lifestyle.  Fostering community environment and allowing team engagement levels to be optimised is the key here. Users will feel they are accorded priority, if tweets and responses are sent with a direct, engaging and compelling style. Tone and type of content makes a big difference.

Sense of Value

Personality is not the only feature of using Twitter for promoting Pathwwway Panama based client loyalty. Customers want to feel valued and tweets need to promote this feeling. You need to go the extra mile due to huge amount of competition on Twitter. Think of how this can lead to promotion of another aspect of business. Creativity needs to combine with utility. For example, Twitter videos can be an easy platform to foster retention and engagement.  Create Twitter content customers can relate to and identify with, for taking the conversation further and ensuring customer loyalty.

Adding Relevance

Understanding how Twitter users engage with the platform is essential for countering loyalty issues. Promotional posts can find appeal when there is trend setting relevance in them. For example, share messages using Twitter on holidays and national events to create a sense of relevance and shared community feeling as well as togetherness.

Reward For Loyalty and Feedback

More than Pinterest or Facebook, Twitter users are likely to engage with a brand if it gives them an incentive. Implementing a loyalty platform on Twitter is easy because through its constant updates, you can engage repeat customers. It needs more effort and capital to attract fresh customers rather than existing ones. Twitter means you can acquire as well as retain customers.

Reward followers for sharing, liking or retweeting posts with a discount code or points for account to encourage people to ensure promotional shares. Twitter also works really well for prizes and contests as well. Use hashtags and social loyalty programs to connect on a deep, meaningful level and prevent customers from engaging with competitors.

Sophisticated Analytics

As a  business, you need to differentiate yourself from other Twitter accounts and need to utilise the analytics for providing round-the-clock customer service. Your Twitter outreach should be able to receive complaints, rectify errors and turn crisis into opportunities for fostering deeper loyalty and engagement. This can ensure keeping in touch with the Twitter developments and finding common denominators. Analysing key words and using the engagement service platform along with loyalty programs is essential for seeing who you engage and how.

Engage and Respond

Twitter can be used to engage, add value and respond to customers. Content rapid-fire rounds mean you can see which people to react to.  Using Twitter for boosting customer loyalty is not about just producing content. It is also about starting a conversation and looking for what people seek. To sum it up, the best content in the world to engage clients is meaningful, interactive conversation and this is what Twitter provides.  Responding within a quick period of time ensures that customer loyalty evolves too.

Further, it adds value to the brand voice and identity. Twitter is also making it easier to privately resolve customer issues and gather client feedback. Twitter is a social media platform which is live, conversational and public. It is the best place for businesses and customers to foster a connection and deep meaningful engagement. Millions of customer interactions happen on Twitter, with some businesses reporting a majority of their inbound social client care service requests happening on the social networking channel. Seeing a cost per resolution, increased sales and brand loyalty, businesses are logging on to Twitter to ensure they are just a click away for clients.

Telling a Story That Captures Hearts and Minds

Twitter offers marketers and advertising pros a chance to shift the brand narrative to a flexible multi-media platform. This, according to social media thinker Seth Godin, creates a new story that attracts customers and gives brands an opportunity to craft a compelling story. Twitter is not just about large followers, it is about courting loyal clients who are interacting and interested in posts.

Using Twitter as a content dissemination device ensures consistency. Content is crafted and used in a way that optimises its exposure. Through regular tweets, you can promote your brand faster. Along with scheduled content, the social media site also allows your business an eagle’s eye view of the latest trends, what’s hot and (equally importantly) what’s not. Hashtags are an eye catching accent to create a splash and make your tweet stand out so customers can connect at deeper levels and stay engaged.