How To Use All Forms Of Social Media As Part Of Your Loyalty Marketing?

Loyalty marketing is all about garnering active and engaged followers who buy the story and the brand. Social media is no different. Follow counts are an indication of how well entrenched your brand is and whether it can work to ensure long term engagement. Enhancing customer loyalty and the brand’s online image is the root of effective loyalty marketing.

Consumers have so many options before them and competition is constant. Loyal followers add  real value to your business and your profits. Real engagement is more valuable than just an image or SEO online.  Loyal social media following results in brand advocacy and ambassadorship. This can create a positive impact about the brand and turn loyal customers into aggressive evangelists spreading brand awareness. How do you go about using this powerful tool for enhancing loyalty marketing initiatives? Read on to know all about how to harness social networking sites and take your business to new heights.

#1 Cash in on Social Media

Advertising, sales or marketing strategies cannot beat social media on several scores. This is because every platform comes with intricacies and unique opportunities. Social media is not just about posting and interacting with customers. It is also about advertising, lead generation, marketing and extending customer support. Therefore, your social media strategy should include a plan for SEO, PR, prospect mining, lead generation and link building that is cohesive. While initiating brand loyalty, it Is important to research the competitors while crafting social media strategies.

#2 Build Creative Content

Customer is king but good content and compelling videos on social media rule. You need to share useful or valuable information with followers. The way content is presented and the format chosen needs to be measured. As far as metrics are concerned, you need quality content to create the most ROI in terms of comments, shares, click-throughs and likes. Visual content is preferred through social media as planning social media content in such a way grabs the eyeballs. You can opt for infographics, graphs, videos, screenshots, visual aids to make content striking and unforgettable.

Ensure content is branded with colours, logo and chosen typography consistently used for all messages shared.

#3 Automation Can’t Replace the Human Touch

Social media enables customers to react with real people. The aim is to create an interactive content exchange platform, not automated content or chat bots. Side lining personal interaction on social media channels defeats the very purpose of using these as marketing tools.  Customers need to be given a feeling of being understood. Brands use common values and interests for connecting with people. Cause oriented social campaigns are other ways to connect on social media. Use customer interest as a focal point for crafting content on social posts.

#4 Consistency Counts

What counts the most when it comes to displaying favourable brand personas is consistency. It is vital to create and display personality traits to build familiarity amongst consumers. Traits can be expressed through content sharing and joining the conversation with customers.

#5 Answer Concerns, Acknowledge Individuals

People want to be acknowledged and consistently responded to with detailed answers and useful information. Earn respect for your brand by looking at the social media influencers historic footprint. Expand the reach of of your brand by offering detailed answers and using keywords in relation to the industry as well as search queries to find responses to questions. Pathwwway Internet Gaming will tell you that relevance, succinctness and value of the information is valuable for those looking for answers and seeking a solution.

Social media tracking and monitoring can create an understanding of the content deemed share-worthy that evinces client loyalty. Manage relationships through Twitter lists where you can add those with similar levels of engagement with the brand in Twitter lists. Rewards need to be an integral part of social media interaction.

#6 Social Media as the First Point of Contact

In the previous years, brand marketing and commitments were the main and leading point of contact with prospects and potential customers. But when ruled by social media and immediate communication, the same prospects are now turning to social cohorts and peers for help in forming their impression. Social media has paved the way for a new brand of loyalty marketing where customers speak for themselves.

So cut down the noise and leverage the personalization possible with people being able to communicate at deep and meaningful levels. Track positive as well as critical mentions of your brand across social media to get a knowledge of your standing in the market.

#7 Start a New Conversation

Rather than adding on to existing marketing messages, carve your own path through direct engagement with customers. Showing the audience one cares about opinions and listens to feedback builds loyalty and a great brand image. Online forums and social media channels are the first testing ground for any brand.

Consumers talk about your brand. Therefore, positive brand narratives are essential for creating an identity and instant brand recall and recognition. Welcome feedback rather than disregarding grapevine, opinions, feedback and reviews. Online, brands have a chance to build a 24/7 market presence and round-the-clock visibility with social media channels. So tap the power of social media and bring about a shift in customer loyalties towards your brand.  No review can inflict the damage an unanswered question about your brand on social media networks. So, be there or lose out on customers to competitors.

Understand Your Customers

Consumer questions need to be answered keeping the customer queries in mind. Responding to customer concerns is all about developing solutions that can work. Meet the needs of your targeting audience and inspire the audience to share with the peers.  Rather than just relying on communication, you need to monitor brand sentiment by actively listening to your customers. Pathwwway Internet Gaming will use social listening to understand where customers congregate, which products and services are being talked about and put across consistent complaints or praises that need to be encouraged or addressed.

Conversion activities are the key step in growing customer relationships. This is where the value customers seek and you discover through social media play a critical role. Now build feedback from clients and fine-tune the value provided. Once a certain level of engagement is built, you can develop conversion activities that initiate a deeper relationship with customers. The essence of growing customer relationships is all about tuning in to what customers have to say about your brand on social media, for it creates a deeper understanding of what draws them in and enables them to remain loyal.