US Brands That Have Always Commanded Huge Consumer Loyalty And Why

When it involves running a successful business, customer acquisition is just the start of a client relationship. The winning brands are game changers that pull off a long lasting, engaged relationship with clients. In this day and age of stiff competition, and changing preferences, consumer loyalty counts for everything a successful business stands for, from engagement to productivity, value addition to product and service integrity. Which are the leading US brands, when it comes to fostering consumer loyalty and what is the secret of their success?

Real brands with loyal customers are top performing businesses in the industry. Here’s a sneak peek from Pathwwway Gambling at the top performers and what makes them tick and click with clients.

#1 American Express: Earning Customer Loyalty

American Express is a stellar brand associated with big business and established market presence. What makes this brand a top draw? The company launched its OPEN forum in 2007 which is one of the best customer loyalty drivers aimed at helping small businesses to grow. This forum serves to promote the small businesses services and card of this leading brand. AmEx is committed to helping businesses to grow, further increasing a sense of trust and fostering value creation for customers.

Marking a shift in the way customer loyalty is initiated, this innovative forum goes beyond the boring billboard or the confusing cold calls to add real value to the target audience. This approach boosts loyalty with marketers because it prioritises the customer’s needs first.

#2 Toyota: Driving Client Trust

There are few markets as competitive and crowded as the automotive industry. In the world of Porsches and Mercedes Benz, how does brand Toyota hold its own? It has gained consumer trust and encourage repeat business with existing customers. With its Just in Time production approach, based on the motto pioneered by the company, the aim is to assure product quality and reliability. The entire Toyota Production system ensures a top quality vehicle at the end of serious quality control checks and thorough manufacturing process. The best cars with the shortest lead times is what ensures quality and consistency.

#3 Apple: The Secret Sauce is Loyalty!

Apple is one of the best US brands in the world. It has one of the most loyal group of customers and followers prompting many leading research firms to dub it the number 1 brand in the United States. A market share of 59% of iPhone users showing blind loyalty in a marketplace so saturated by laptops and phones already, it boasts an enviable following for a reason.

The brand has a clearly defined mission and vision statement, commencing with Steve Job’s commitment to innovation, cutting edge design and product quality. Tim Cook has continued the legacy.  This is how ideas resonate with customers. Apple is a living brand that creates a deep emotional commitment and becomes a core of the user’s identity. It provides compelling, powerful brand narratives and a story people can relate to.

#4 Starbucks: Cashing in on Loyalty

When it comes to the best coffee brand in the world and not just USA, which company comes first? Starbucks is undoubtedly the market leader, opening its first coffee store in the 1970s in Seattle. The brand has reinvented its business through its stellar customer loyalty program. Starbucks does not just offer better quality, it makes the art of consuming coffee into an experience. The quintessential coffee store earns enduring brand loyalty for its distinctive initiatives from the free Wi-Fi to the comfy sofas.

#5 Sephora: Extending the Perfect Welcome

Sephora is skilled at creating a rewarding experience for customers. With one of the world’s top consumer loyalty programs, Sephora has established itself as one of the best consumer experiences in the world. Its program has been a huge draw for customers worldwide and this amazing make-up merchandise site offers numerous tools for clients to find the perfect product. From the colour IQ which offers the best shade for skin tones, and the Virtual Artist permitting makeup to be tried on before making the purchase, it’s no wonder that this e-commerce store has made shoppers feel welcome and earned a loyal fan following.  Anticipating customer challenges and providing solutions that work is Sephora’s speciality.

#6 Zappos: Putting Shoppers First

Zappos has been impressing customers with product selection, exemplary customer service and excellent deliveries. But now, the online shoe giant has found yet another way to exceed customer expectations. They go out of their way to deliver the best customer care experience, delivering what customers need when they need it. Their stated mission is a focus on being  a service company that goes beyond shoes and handbags “and more”. Customer centric, prioritising client needs and putting the consumer first, Zappos has earned its reputation as a leading brand.

#7 Walt Disney: The Leading Entertainment  Brand

Disney’s customer experience is legendary. They are committed to making fairytale magic come alive. From castles and magic carpets to Star Wars and iconic cartoon characters, Disney brings dreams to life and when it comes to instilling customer loyalty, this is pretty hard to compete with! Keeping customers engaged through its fantasy brand Disney also has world class theme parks. Additionally Disney employees are known as cast members. The parks are honoured as an arena for performance.  Pathwwway Gambling recognises that they are bringing out the best experience out there. Disney goes ahead and offers a host of freebies rather than letting customers feel disappointed and let down.

#8 Sony: Customer Experience at Its Best

From all things tech to music and the movies, Sony spans an entire range of industries. Sony has broken down into small divisions so that it never loses its focus. Its customer rewards program is exceptional as it allows clients to find additional value in Sony products and services, regardless of how they choose to engage. Attention to detail other brands cannot match makes Sony the best in the business.

#9 Amazon is Amazing!

Last but not the least is the biggest online retailer in the world. Amazon has offered its valuable Prime loyalty program and futuristic products to an ever growing market. It even accounts for 40 percent of e-commerce businesses in the US. Amazon has set standards so high, it can only compete with itself.  Whether it comes to service delivery or innovation, Amazon has what it takes to keep customers satisfied and loyal every step of the way.