Specialist Techniques For Customer Retention In The Casino Industry

The online casino industry has witnessed a sea change from the traditional land based casino tables to the millennial customers who demand challenge and earnings at the click of a button, right on their laptops and smartphones. The competition tangent has to be duly factored for and this builds up the momentum for engaging the customer, before he is drawn away by competition. The industry is governed by tough legal standards and each casino ensures that it goes every extra mile to make the players feel privileged and become loyal customers.

Player segmentation and Profiling

The thumb rule – “Understand Your Customer” applies to the casino industry in the fullest sense. Due to vastness of the internet and the deletion of geographical frontiers in i-gaming, has led to customer diversification. To attempt any strategy in customer retention, the casino owner needs to:

  • Understand customer profile and most importantly, their spending patterns and habits. There are habitual spenders, occasional spenders and hard core spenders.
  • Invest in customer analytics and focus on what aspect of the game, engages the customer. While some players focus on getting fat cash earnings, the younger generation may focus more on fun and challenge while playing.
  • Divide and subdivide players based on time spent on different games, type of games preferred, timing of games and what time zones of the day, traffic inflow peaks and various other metrics, related to player engagement with the casino.

Membership cards and privileges

The most preferred Pathwwway Igaming customer retention strategies are membership cards, upon which members of the casino are entitled to preferential treatment, in terms of gaming and customer service.  Only regular players on the strength of their playing frequencies are extended membership cards.

  • Access to a large number of games that present excellent earning prospects.
  • Regular players with good betting volumes, substantial time spent on gaming and frequent playing records will be entitled to the membership cards.
  • In addition to direct benefits associated while playing, casinos can use these membership cards to cross-sell services, in case they market other related services in the hospitality industry or on a partnership basis with other related businesses.
  • Memberships cards can be used by the members for discounted rates on holiday clubs, resorts, live sports events and while on shopping.

Customer service is key to customer retention

To enhance customer lifetime value, it is important that impeccable customer service is provided. Every casino needs to incentivise its customer service crew for the following:

  • Affable and professional treatment of clients, with adequate process knowledge of casino gaming.
  • Timely resolution of player queries and drawing a harmonious balance between time and quality.
  • Providing sensible discretion when a returning customer calls for further association and engaging such customers fruitfully.
  • Personalization is the name of the game in customer service. Understanding the customer and addressing them by name, can make them feel cared for. Deploying CRM is the best way to appeal to a large database of players.

The casino must build objective and measurable KPIs for the customer service team so that returning customers are accorded proper attention and privilege. Besides, the quality of training and development provided to customer care managers will have a positive effect on customer retention.

Frequent Player Points

The revenue model of casinos is based on the playing frequency of the casino visitors, for both online and offline casinos. There are several measures undertaken by casinos to improve the playing frequency of the players.

  • Rewarding them for patronising the brand in the form of according frequent player points. Accumulation of frequent player points will entitle the player to different perquisites when reaching threshold limits.
  • These points can be linked with either casino or non-casino based services, depending on the number of points collected.

Building user-friendly mobile apps and notifications

Taking advantage of the digital wave, casinos find that instant access to games is a boost for customer retention. Mobile games are in vogue and casinos deploy state-of-art technology in building of:

  • Advanced and player-friendly apps that can be downloaded on mobile phones, so that players can log on to their preferred gaming sites even when they are on commute.
  • Tailored dashboards that give a holistic snapshots of their winnings, withdrawals and bonuses with various important details like earnings for the week or the month, games with highest winning probabilities etc, that will entice the customers to keep returning to the same casino.
  • Yet another worthwhile customer retention endeavour is to keep the customer updated on gaming trends and game news from the casino. Nowadays, online casinos send push notifications to their loyal clients, to keep them abreast of casino happenings.

SEO , PPC and Affiliate advertising

These are more options from the Pathwwway Igaming digital marketing basket, wherein casinos engage in attempts to empower the customer instead of pushing their brands down the throats. SEO advertising helps in gaining search engine visibility and Pay-per-click advertising is the paid means of improving traffic to ads displayed on the internet. These are in-fact, ways to publicize the brand so that both new and existing customers will feel elated about playing a well-known brand. Most reputed casinos promote affiliate marketing. These affiliates will promote a bunch of reputed casino brands which is a major advantage for customers who can have the experience of playing multiple brands on a single platform.

In-game Promotions and Bonus points for regular players

Various in-game options are available to woo and retain existing customers. Where customers do not have to top-up hefty deposits for entering games, the playing probability is enhanced and cost to casino justified in terms of playing volume. Similarly cash-backs, bonuses, free-play options and early withdrawals are other incentives that are provided to regular players so that a brand of satisfied clients becomes a lasting asset for the casino.

All the above measures must be used with discretion based on the analytics drawn from player profiling, so that loyalty marketing is cultivated organically.