A Retention Marketing Strategy For Your Small Hotel

Customer loyalty programmes and retention marketing strategy play an important role in virtually any industry, from pharmacies and electronic outlets to e-commerce businesses. The hospitality industry is no exception to this rule. Many hotels integrate loyalty programmes into their marketing strategy for lowering customer churn and raising customer satisfaction levels. Client retention marketing strategies followed by hotels need to remain competitive, especially if you are a small establishment.

Moreover, they need to remain distinct and unique as well. Strategically customizing reward and retention programmes in a way that permits the unique needs of customers to be addressed is important. Pathwwway Panama will tell you that consumers differ when it comes to needs and expectations, creating managerial opportunities and challenges. A massive challenge exists when it comes to benefits offered to customers to ensure their retention.  Retention programs need to be able to be responsive to challenges in the competitive landscape and program managers need to provide the personal touch. Here is the perfect retention marketing strategy your small hotel can use to reap big rewards.

Communicate Unique Value Proposition

Customer satisfaction is driven by value. For a loyalty program to be effective and drive customer loyalty, retention strategy should focus on communication of unique value proposition. Special room upgrades, a multi-cuisine free meal, or in-house drinks on the house can be the critical component to communicate to the customer that value is being received and appreciated.

Value As a Differentiator

Offering discounts up front can be effective only if your customer is price conscious. Factors such as status and prestige would motivate program enrolment and retention too. The motivation to join a program is not based on monetary discounts alone. Separate lines for check-in facilitation, key coded access to preferential suited or in-room amenities to guests can prove equally effective.

Small measures can make a big difference to retention rates and prevent customers from gravitating towards competitors. These rewards can encourage positive affect and loyalty towards a brand. Firms need to consider the rewards offered to loyal customers and place an emphasis on providing incentives that are non-monetary too.

Why Retention Should Not Stop At Rewarding Repeat Patronage

Customer loyalty within and outside the hotel industry is conceived in terms of repeat patronage. Programs however, need to be designed by agencies like Pathwwway Panama to ensure retention by rewarding a variety of loyal actions on the part of the consumer. This creates greater involvement and engagement, and enhance both attitudinal and behavioural loyalty.

These small gestures can reconnect customers to ensure their information is updated and special promotions and opportunities join brand communities and generate the connectedness that enhances retention rates. Customer satisfaction and retention is linked to positive communication and word-of-mouth publicity. Loyal customers can be among the hotel’s best ambassadors, sharing pleasant experiences and espousing consumer advocacy. In the current competitive climate, hotels need to engage and understand their customers in the social media space. Loyalty program members can encourage others to join in.

Big Data For Small Hotels

Embracing new technology is a hospitality industry marketing mantra that needs to be followed. Creative program design and reaching out to ensure customer retention go hand-in-hand. Big data has massive implications for customer retention in this context. Analytics can increase interaction. Prior knowledge of guest preferences ensure the hotel can act on these consumer preferences. Tracking behavioural customer data can create insights into spending habits and how to optimise retention marketing strategy.

Data revolution is not associated with tracing spending patterns and customer preferences alone. Consumer relationship management is constantly involving with increased reliance on customer review websites. Hotel management needs to be alert on the score of customer testimonials and client feedback online. Positive reviews can make the difference between client retention and defection.

Customer Reach: Leveraging Email Marketing

Choosing a hotel over the competition requires customers to be involved and engaged in the process. Hotels need to leverage customer analytics to optimize value and communicate unique value proposition. Each hotel is unique and basic ideas and recommendations for a retention marketing strategy must stem from successful marketing driven by complementing strategies. Email marketing is an important component of customer retention for small hotels. Email marketing is perfect for building guest loyalty, brand engagement and direct bookings through targeted communication. Email marketing, in addition to this, is also cost efficient and easily automated. It is the ideal marketing technique for optimal utilisation of time and resources.

Growing email lists organically is important in this context. Adding a simple signup form on your site or providing incentives for email opt-ins can encourage customers to stay connected. With close to half the emails operating on mobile devices, emails need to look awesome on small screens too. Suggests include the use of email service providers that provide responsive templates. Your email marketing and social media strategies must complement each other.

Why Right Timing Matters

Successful retention marketing strategies are all about timing. Deciding how frequently and when to send emails and stick to the schedule is important, when it comes to customer retention. From confirmation to pre-arrival and thank you emails, the retention strategy needs to focus on combining freebies with special offers. Monthly newsletters and special offers also come into play.

Personalisation Counts

Successful retention marketing is based on the capacity to build relationships and encourage engagement.  Personalising emails encourages relationships and client engagement. Knowing who customers are and how to target the market is important for not just acquiring, but retaining customers as well.

Content Marketing: Why Great Information Draws The Crowds

Great content includes information that benefits customers in different ways. Your hotel website needs to provide data on not just discounted rates, but local insider information such as destination tips, exciting events or new attractions as well. Customers should be the first to know about new services and amenities, renovations or special events.  Links or buttons with calls to action can engage and retain customers. So can stunning visuals which speak and communicate as powerfully as your marketing message.

Feedback Is Your First Priority

Short surveys on customer service can provide customers a chance to connect and offer the hotel a unique marketing opportunity. Online tracking is equally important whether it is click through rates, enquiries or bookings or social media log-ins. The hotel’s retention marketing tactics therefore need to focus on multiple touch-points through the customer’s journey,  from targeted booking and pre arrival promotions to post stay surveys and request for hotel reviews.