Pathwwway Panama on Customer Retention Marketing Skills For Your Face To Face Sales Team

Face to face selling, often known as personal selling is the art of developing personalized and well-tailored sales solutions.  It helps to retain customers by meeting and negotiating with them face to face.

Face to face marketing is that branch of selling strategy that hails the human edge that can fix customers to brands and ground them to brand loyalty. In these connected ages, face to face meetings still hold control over influencing customer retention. The power of a personal meeting still outweighs all other strategies of customer retention marketing, according to Pathwwway of Panama, international customer retention experts.

Establish Emotional connect with customers

This is perhaps the greatest advantage in face to face selling. You develop lifelong relationships with customers. Modern day business is all about relationship selling and not merely the dispatch of products. The sales team must be educated to appeal to the comfort levels of customers and make them yearn for re-engagement. It is absolutely essential to put forth a relaxed and caring attitude and lend a willing ear to customer perceptions about your brand. The sales team must put itself in the customer’s shoes to connect to them emotionally.

Understand customer thought process and provide customized solutions

As you train your sales team to sharpen their customer retention marketing skills, be sure to train them on understanding the thought process of customers. This will give them an upper edge of catering to their demand even before the same arise. Brands that employ personal selling methods can enjoy the continued patronage of customers who will come back for repurchase.

Don’t just sell, educate and collect feedback

In loyalty marketing, it is of utmost importance that the personal sale team does present itself as being too pushy and over-enthusiastic, which are potential dangers of putting off customers. A smart sales team will guide, educate and navigate customers towards repeat business. For example, when the sales team of financial consultants meet an existing client, they can engage him by bringing him heads-up on various savings and tax-planning products available in the market. What is more important is to collect vital feedback during face to face conversations.

Provide professional assistance in the decision-making process

It is of pivotal importance that the customer who is on the verge of re-engagement will need to be hand-held through the decision-making process. The sales force can take every personal meeting as an opportunity to display their professionalism and excellence in gently nudging customers towards the ultimate decision. They must demonstrate maturity, transparency and knowledge that will govern the personal selling strategies.

Build trust and get into confident books of the client

Customer retention marketing is basically a trust-building exercise wherein the sales team connects with the mental comfort zones of existing customers and assures them that have indeed patronized a brand that cares for them with value-addition. Every face to face meeting with customers must be used as a means to build and leverage this trust and confidence.

Implant retentive value by making your meetings memorable

Only face to face meetings have the advantage of creating retentive value of the experience in the minds of customers. Experiential marketing aims to make every buying experience a memorable one for customers. The sales force must create and build a lasting memory in customers, so that it is not simple a process of buying goods and services for them, but an experience that will linger in their memories when the need for repurchase arises.

Get the undivided attention of customers

Customers need to feel that they are being lauded for their loyalty and that their preferred brand has taken the effort of communicating with them through personalized relationship managers. The touch of human interaction is the greatest advantage in face to face selling and the sales team must develop behavioural skills to connect with customers, without being over-aggressive. With due consideration for privacy, the team must be adept in observing them and analysing their thought process. Some tips include:

  • Be liberal in showing gratitude to loyal customers
  • Understand customer psychology and validate their thought process
  • Use every meeting to find out more about customers

How you dress up, present and negotiate, matters

Meeting customers is not important; how influential your presence is matters. The salesperson must be well-dressed, presentable and affable. It is a mix of physical and mental qualities that makes for a charismatic presence that the customer will always cherish. The team must enhance its presentation skills, which again is a mixture of both verbal communication and body language. A sales person cannot parrot-talk on information that is already there on the website, the brochure or the mail, but must engage the customer in the product USP.

Groom your communication skills and enthral your audience

Crisp and targeted conversational skills are a must in face-to-face conversation. To articulate your brand by engaging customers in conversation is an art. Your sales team must present the details of loyalty program, the benefits of re-engagement and the win-win areas for both the business and the customer in a lively and interesting manner. They must also be able to extract vital information and feedback from customers, which are valuable for analytics, in a manner that is non-intrusive. Modulation, expression, presentation, tone and pitch matters a lot when engaging in face to face marketing along with maintaining a calm and composed body language.

Hone your planning and organizing skills

Most sales personnel flounder after setting the tone and beginning earnest conversation when they indulge in face to face sessions for customer retention marketing. Curating an interesting and comprehensive agenda that can engross listeners while not missing on any of the essentials that are to be communicated, is the bottom line of successful personal selling campaigns. Organizing skills are essential for the sales team that meets and extracts first-hand information from customers. Without dominating the conversation, they must be trained to engage customers in participative conversation, so that customers will see purpose and value in re-associating with your business.