Customer Retention Ideas For Internet Based Food Delivery Services

Ordering food at the click of a button at competitive prices with steadfast quality from an incredible menu has become commonplace among the net-savvy generation. Building customer loyalty is a matter of survival in this competition-driven business model.

Welcome customers by name, with a big thank-you for last visit

As in any industry, addressing customers by name has an all-time impact on retention. Customers love coming back to places, where they are remembered. Dedicate time and resources to ensure that every time customers login to order food, they are addressed personally with a welcome note that also thanks them for their last purchase.

Personalized packaging

Packaging has to conform to health and safety standards. In addition to these, meal packages can be made innovative and differentiated according to customer preferences. For example, kids meal can be packaged differently in funny shapes, whereas breakfast packages for busy office-goers must be ones that be opened on the go without much effort. Such small yet customer-friendly packaging innovations can result in customer retention.

Extend a host of freebies and offers

There is nothing that excites customers than delivering something more than what is paid for. Extending offers on re-purchase, coupons and loyalty points that can be cashed in during next order, free tickets to an event, membership in clubs etc are some popularly followed retention ideas. According to level of loyalty, gifts like T-shirts, gadgets and even hol idea, both for retention and acquisition. By providing a referral code to a loyal customer, a rewards program can be initiated for fresh customers using the code and ordering food. Existing customers are happy to stick with the brand that acknowledges their referral efforts, in bringing friends and colleagues online for fresh orders.

Create a community of customers

By bringing together different customers on the digital forum, a virtual community of loyal customers can be created.  Customers are enabled to come together, share their experiences and feedback. In effect, they become brand ambassadors of your business. It is possible to stay assured of market, when a menu is launched or when the business spreads globally. This can act as an interactive feedback forum in place. Customer feedback is to be accorded highest priority and issues if any, must be resolved in quick time.

Deliver on time, with quality

On time delivery is one of the retention endeavours that can bring lasting results. Delivery crew must be trained and well-versed with local geographies. Businesses can even extend a money back guarantee for delayed deliveries. Of same importance, is to provide unmatched quality in every order. Taste is the tightest metric against which customers of the food industry will benchmark their loyalties. Using organic food, farm fresh vegetables and hygienically procured meat that meet with health standards play a crucial role.

Earn mileage by writing food blogs

The food industry is full of blog topics that can arouse the interest of readers. For the readership of existing as well as new customers, the internet food delivery service

Provide menu personalization options

Online food enterprises must provide flexibility for customers to personalize their own menu. Using technology, it is possible to keep track of dishes frequently ordered and even the preferred flavours, topping and garnishing preferences of regular customers. When a regular customer log in to order food, past patterns can be fed into the system and frequently used fields can be pre-filled optionally using auto-fill options. Customer retention ideas like these add a personal touch in re-marketing.

Revamp your helpdesk with an affable and proactive crew

As customer service executives of an online food service, your team has to play the additional role of virtual waiters and waitresses. With the benefit of technology like CRM, it is possible to welcome customers personally, track their ordering preferences and resolve queries swiftly. According loyal customers the privilege of accessing voice help without going through various IVRS options is a customer retention tactic.

Champion health initiatives

Customers think twice to change their brand preferences, the moment you show that your brand does something for a good cause. Sponsor a charity lunch for a cause, or contribute food for the needy. Customers feel proud to become loyal to the brand that stands up for health initiatives like anti-plastic packaging or giving up use of unhealthy taste enhancers.

SEO Marketing and Referral marketing

It is important to go in for local SEO since people like to order food when the hunger alarm rings. They order food from the top few search results. They also give preference to vicinity so that food gets delivered hot and in time. SEO Pathwwway Igaming marketing helps improve Google rankings. Similarly there are many independent review forums that rate and review internet food delivery chains. It is important to ensure that customers are given the option to post their feedback in such channels.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Most orders are made through smart phones, to satiate that sudden pang of hunger when one is rushing home after a hard day’s work. To retain customers, make sure to develop user-friendly apps with high resolution visuals of your food products. Commuters access social media from their smart phones. So, publish innovative and action-provoking Facebook, Twitter ads, Google Display and Instagram ads.

Remarket to shopping cart abandonment cases

It is a grave mistake to ignore customers who dropped the purchase last minute. Re-marketing efforts must be targeted at such customers and the sales team must get to the bottom of any issues they faced while ordering food. Addressing these issues will result in useful conversion and also in retention, since customers develop loyalty when your business goes out of way to put them at ease.

Customer retention in the food industry is a challenge. With the right Pathwwway Igaming loyalty plans in place, manned by a customer-centric marketing team, existing customers can be profitably ploughed back for repeat business.