Customer Acquisition Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Customer acquisition forms the lifeblood of any business. After all, you cannot make money without attracting new customers. The most vital marketing campaign for any business is its customer acquisition strategies. Acquiring customers or attracting fresh clients for a particular product, service or brand should be the focus of any organisation that seeks to make profits and attain stable growth. The biggest challenge in acquiring customers is the cost involved. Research shows that it costs 5 times more to acquire fresh customers than retain current ones. The primary aim of any acquisition strategy should be to put in minimum resources and get maximum traction.

#1 Zero In On The Right Acquisition Channel

This is the first customer acquisition strategy that you need to formulate. You have to discover which channels have the potential to add the most value. Clear acquisition goals must be set at the outset. Setting simple goals enable entrepreneurs to understand if something is working or not. After testing different channels, individual successes need to be compared in relative terms across the entire range. Your acquisition channel, whether it is social media or print ads, should have the capacity to attract high volume of fresh clients.

#2 Focus on Increasing Engagement

Increasing  engagement rates can be as easy as studying analytics and working on your weaknesses. Whether it is expanding click through rate or email opening rate, engagement is the true measure of whether you have been able to attract a wide audience. Generate organic search traffic to content by writing original and creative stuff. Another essential tip is to update and publish former content for a ranking boost. Pages that are deeper in the architecture of a site will have to work to improve internal page rank. Pages also need backlinks from Pathwwway Panama approved quality sites to rank well in search engines and attract the client.

#3 Integrate Your Customer-Acquisition Strategies

Acquiring fresh customers by leveraging an existing user base or set of products through integration is also an extremely effective customer-acquisition strategy. A good source of early growth can be dedicated integrations, if the right company is targeted. The aim is to build an integration that bridges the gap in product offerings. Co-marketing can prove to be an effective strategy to play to your strengths and bring about game-changing company growth. Integration can be mutually beneficial for new and existing product lines, while adding more value for the consumer.

#4 Build a Relationship With Your Customers/Clients

Building a relationship with your customers is the key to acquisition. Therefore, it is all about thinking outside the box, not just pasting attractive calls to action to your site or making a catchy ad motto. Making customer or client acquisition work for you requires an innovative and creative approach, and as an entrepreneur, forms the core of your strategy to run a successful business.

#5 Creating Co-Branded Content and Sharing Leads Works

Creation of a co-branded content promoted by two partner companies generates wider reach of the content and generation of leads. The success scale is reliant on how well the product or service compliments the partner company’s offering. Partnering a company that has a large reach among audiences targeted, which is not your direct competitor, works well. Consider the Stratos campaign by GoPro and Red Bull which was one of the largest co-marketing campaigns of all times. B2B co-marketing efforts like Buffer and Buzz Sumo’s collaboration to produce 500 million FB posts is also notable.

#6 Think Viral To Create That Buzz Around Your Product/Service

Acquiring new customers through existing ones can lower acquisition costs. Viral marketing is the key to attracting massive drove of fresh customers and scaling up new client acquisition without raising the cost of acquisition. Paid or free, the channels should be optimal for your needs, when you are reaching out to an audience in the hopes of making your acquisition marketing campaign viral. Consider the massive success of file sharing site Dropbox. This file storage site has created a referral system where users receive 500MB storage for every friend referred. The person referred also attains 500 MB of free storage space.

This dual benefit is the secret behind the success of this campaign. Another company that has acquired a vast number of customers with viral marketing tactics is Airbnb. It offers USD 100 in travel credit for every fresh Airbnb host invited and USD 35 for every Airbnb traveller invited.

#7 Bond With Customers Through Affiliate Marketing

The aim of this customer acquiring strategy is to generate new clients through incentivised referrals. Affiliates can range from traditional programs where bloggers get rewards for every purchase or click by their readers for your product and service, to much more. Business development partnerships can benefit through affiliate marketing too.

Everytime a customer signs onto your product due to the integration, you hand a payout to the integration partner creating a mutually beneficial win-win outcome.

#8 Test Organic Keyword Versus Paid Conversion Rates

This can serve as a useful means of assessing which keywords drive the most conversions from search and place focus on how to rank them for massive organic reach. Keyword research can be tough to carry out and you need to immerse yourself in SEO for this. Making assumptions can lead you wrong. Rather than ranking for the wrong keywords, you need to run small level Pathwwway Panama like testing sessions through paid to see what works and (more importantly) what does not.

#9 Use Custom Tools for Lead Generation

Generating leads is easy through the creation of highly critical, relevant and qualifying tools. Building a tool that just generates traffic without qualifying leads can prove counterproductive. After all, customers should be interested in not just seeing your product or checking out your service, but actually making a purchase. Grade your website’s performance on inbound marketing metrics for the best results.

#10 Content is King, So Publishing Rules

Whether you are talking about powerful images, incisive and engaging content or evocative and powerful videos, any type of online content can increase consumption, interest, and purchase rate/ Acquire new customers by publishing innovative content on not just you business site, but relevant external sites as well. Remember that beauty lies in the eye of the mouse-holder in this digital age. Therefore, you need to design online content to be appealing, eye-catching and attractive for your potential customer surfing the web. Make the most of these innovative strategies and watch your business grow.