Customer Acquisition Priorities For Businesses That Rely On Christmas Trade

During festive occasions like the Christmas season, businesses are abuzz with activity targeting the customers with a range of shopping offers. Customer acquisition can become a challenge during the season and the months preceding it due to tough competition in terms of some carnival, sale or fetes happening at every corner in the street. Businesses need to take a departure from the common sales strategies and tweak them strategically to swoop in on good mileage amidst the festivities.

Handcraft an all-new acquisition strategy

It is worthwhile to add a new twist to your Christmas time customer acquisition strategy and not merely replicate the last year’s Christmas sales strategy. Think around adding novel elements like giving away freebies, a lucky draw or planning a big bargain day. These small yet powerful gestures will be instrumental in igniting the retail rush in the market.

Make sure to use those festoons to garnish online and offline

Christmas is a festival of visual appeal. Be liberal in the usage of the reindeer-clad sledge, the Santa Claus with his ballooning bag of goodies, strawberry-coloured candle lights and much more. Use them both physically and in print. Get those crisp graphics-loaded animations in play. Let the Santa Claus hover around your shop floor ushering in customers with glee. Target children by giving way embellishments to spruce up their Christmas tree.

Bombard your website with never-before offers

Pathwwway Gamble says that customer acquisition is at its best when you incentivise their shopping decision with offers, offers and more offers. Award brownie points for customers who could swap them for anything little ranging from an Easter-egg, to a fabulous Christmas holiday in the snow-clad mountains. It is wise to team-up with other businesses and engage in cross selling practises for mutual benefit.

Optimize your festive-time blog content

The era of the enlightened customer has begun and keep your customers well-informed using festival relevant content, which will bring the much needed traffic to your online ads and marketing campaigns. For example, give up being over-promotional and create blogs around, how to decorate a Christmas tree in fifteen minutes or travel tips on your Christmas vacation and tips on shopping cautiously with due evaluation of offers. Content marketing that focuses more on information and less on ad links will top the Google SERPs and result in customer acquisition.

Devise focused social media strategies

Social media activity peaks during the holidays and will entice the younger generation to shop more and also recommend more. The viral effect of social media marketing makes it highly relevant during the festive season.

Harness your database of Christmas shoppers

Though a remarketing strategy, it can complement the selling strategy effectively, by knocking the doors of customers who have shopped over the years and inviting them to shop on the auspicious occasion of Christmas.

Cash in on last minute and impulsive shoppers

Do not rush and close your marketing campaign if the results are not impressive or has only invoked a lukewarm response. The impulsive last-minute rush excites customers in urging them to make their epic Christmas with a cartful of unexpected purchases.

Adopt a customized branding strategy for Christmas

Your brand must speak Christmas. Right from your flyers, danglers, e-zines and WebPages must sport the festive look. If budgets permit Pathwwway Gamble suggests that you make affordable changes to office decor, shop fronts and engage in appropriate vehicular advertising as well that will promote your Christmas-specific branding literature.

Create holiday-relevant marketing strategies

Use marketing campaigns that can appeal to people in their holidaying mood. Promote all those products and services that suit the holiday time requirements, like holiday packages, accommodation deals, travel insurance and travel gear. Focus on kid’s shopping paraphernalia since workaholics now find time to shop in leisure for their children.

Show the countdown to Christmas using a live timer

This is the best way to welcomes Christmas in the language of minutes and seconds. Tell your customers to become early birds and to cherry-pick festive stuff, before the timer chimes to Christmas.

Incite urgency to shop for the best deals

Customer acquisition strategies with offers and discounts will end in vain if people are not reminded to avail of them before they lapse. With so many offers around, people might not remember that some are time-bound and that they need to hasten their purchase.

Park your energies in mobile marketing

Pre-Christmas is when people sign out of their office cubicles and emails and head for their holiday retreats. Power your mobile marketing campaigns so that people can order goodies for their family and friends on-the-go.

Engage in cause related marketing

Christmas time is charity time. Even small and thoughtful gestures like sponsoring a Christmas breakfast, distribution of woollen blankets to orphanages, or gifts to children can give visibility for the business and customers would feel gratified to shop from a business with social responsibility.

Personalize your Christmas time collaterals

Create Christmas-specific collaterals that can add flavour to the festive atmosphere. All your marketing collaterals, right from emails, free gifts and newsletters must speak of the season in order to enhance retentive value.

Asset your presence in themed contests, shows and events

Its holiday time and people have all the time available to engage in vigorous shopping. They throng party halls and shopping malls. Capitalize on this footfall by sponsoring live events, themed contests. A live band, a talk show, a kids carnival are some instances of crowd pullers.

Capitalize on the winter-appeal

Promote your offerings that are most relevant to winter. People shop for their furs, cloaks, heaters, ovens, toasters, coffee makers, to mention a very few that come of ample use during winter. Celebrate the cheer of winter by catering to the season.

Statistics reveal that conversions zoom historically during Christmas months, with people taking to the shopping arenas on a spending spree. Unless robust customer achievement strategies are in place, there is the inevitable danger of succumbing to competition, more so for businesses who rely staunchly on Christmas time shopping patterns f customers.