Crazy Customer Acquisition Techniques That Have Worked For Big Companies!

Customer acquisition is the key to growing a business successfully. If you find proven methods to engage customers, convert prospects and drive revenue, you can propel your business on an upward growth trajectory. Take a ride through these Pathwwway Gamble customer acquisition techniques from leading retail and software companies as well as manufacturing brands to understand what can click with a client and what works when it comes to attracting and sustaining interest and attention.

#1 H&M’s Influencer Marketing

Fab fashion retailer H&M powered up its ad campaign while pairing with TheWeeknd. The brand used its Instagram account to take out complete information on the affiliation, showcasing their clothes through the superstar singers and celeb. Its youthful message has just the right touch, when it comes to sensing and cashing in on market opportunities. Smart influencer marketing alignments bring in the impact the business needs to attract and acquire customers. H&M garnered as many as 50,000 likes per post thanks to this brand collaboration. This massive scale effort brought in new business as consumers have faith in influencers.

#2 ASOS’s Live Chat

British retail giant ASOS used live chat in an impressive and appropriate fashion,  by having stylists on standby so website visitors can gain advice on fittings, colours, sizes and the best ways to match outfits. Customers can feel the sense of involvement and variety in the interaction and so the company has benefited from this move to help visitors buy the best outfit. Customers can also post thumbnails using the stylist’s name and ask for upvotes or downvotes. Prospects as well as returning customers benefit from this move.

#3 Lululemon’s Advocacy List

This brand has worked to create the ultimate user generated marketing content with its advocacy list. Lululemon asked customers on its Instagram page to share photos of themselves in the fitness gear. The campaign builds on a proactive approach and shows viewers the value of the sportswear brand for exercise as well as casual wear. Using customers as brand ambassadors and marketing through user generated content may seem like a risky move, but Pathwwway Gamble thinks it’s worked just fine for Lululemon. Social proof, clean design and content repurposing goals are also met.

#4 Sephora’s Email Automation

In a purely machine based effort harnessing automation, cosmetics giant Sephora has engaged the email list and rerouted a sweepstakes offer through social media channel Instagram. From a free trip to Paris with a pal, to actually pulling users to the visual social networking site, Sephora has succeeded in using automation to increase brand awareness and engagement across all platforms. An equally risky move was its pink call to action, playful images and possibilities and the use of influencer celeb Megan Hess along with Air France for the bold brand to stand out. Who said customer acquisition couldn’t be fun? Sephora adds a playful element through its sweepstakes show for the best outcomes.

#5 Eloqua’s Powerful PPC

Eloqua is aware of their target audience’s needs and requirements. To help the software brand increase its PPC, the company has provided increased a hyper linked bullet list with benefits when you search for this business on Google. It stands out among a sea of unimaginative marketing messages. The call to action is placed at the top right hand corner strategically being the last text to be found during a scan.

#6 Hubspot’s Social Media Magic

HubSpot academy has focused on a powerful Twitter ad to promote a unique copy, with words like free and certification paired together for maximum effort. Further, the academy pioneers the concept of customer love to drive sales, gain conversions, engagement and guarantee retention. The words like start, learn and get are all action oriented, driving the user to new levels of engagement.

#7 Amazon’s Behavioural Email

Consider e-commerce giant Amazon’s game changing customer-acquisition- strategy. It sends a  behavioural email and follow-up message post the Kindle purchase prompting customers to review products. Apart from garnering accolades from the customer, it also takes the client right back to the store for a future purchase.

#8 Tile’s Referral Program

We’ve all heard of how referrals are a common promotional and customer acquisition tool. But location service app Tile is one step ahead, making the process of referrals simple as can be.  All customers need to do is share the referral link with friends through a one click process with eye-catching and bright social buttons. Using a simple structure for users, it shows how many points can be earned before garnering a reward. This encourages shares and acquiring customers is easy through the brand advocacy and referral route.

#9  Warby Parker’s Facebook Ads

With a good eye for FB ads and retargeting, this online eyeglass retail major offers the benefits that make it possible to ascertain the right time to purchase, post cart abandonment. Using pun filled and funny messages that are informal and carry the right mix of contemporary events, it gets Facebook readers to respond exceedingly well.

#10 Beyond The Rack’s Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are fairly common just like mobile notifications, but they need the right touch to strike the perfect chord with the readers. Online retail apparel company Beyond the Rack puts its best foot forward and takes the step towards a unique push notification that starts with the title Free and then reminds customers of brands they can save on. Time sensitive, beneficial messages like these are the perfect insurance against losing your ad spot.

#11 MailChimp’s About Us Page

Rather than just a boring blog, MailChimp’s About Us page is all about personality, a brand specific tone and a voice and powerful brand narrative impossible to drown out. This About Us page is unique because it contains stories  about the brand, added benefits and a brand position that is unique and distinctive. Daring to think beyond the usual lines, MailChimp crosses the boundaries with aplomb  and creates the perfect brand persona prospects can relate to.

#12 Airbnb’s Referral Loop

Referral loops incentivise the customer to refer each new client that signs up with a reward. Airbnb’s referral loop is one of a kind in the hospitality industry. It is a clever marketing  ploy that has supercharged its user base by getting current hosts and guests to refer a friend to become guest,host or both. And if that’s not innovative enough, then consider that this viral referral loop lets referrers earn credit used against the next booking.