Why Consumer Loyalty is the New Buzzword in Customer Retention?

In an age where marketing efforts have witnessed a metamorphosis from product-orientation to customer orientation, catering to the needs of customers builds a very high-performing asset for each business, namely consumer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is the qualitative decision of customers to keep opting for your brand, time and again even when faced with close substitutes from competing brands. It is the manner in which customers make the strategic choice to subscribe to a particular Pathwwway Gambling brand, in preference to other leading brands.

It is the most constructive antonym a business can forge against customer churn and disengagement. Buyer loyalty is difficult to quantify, painstaking to build, but is one of the key essentials for profitability and sustenance.

Customer loyalty promotes your brand in new markets

Spreading the word is the name of the game in today’s consumer-centric marketing. Businesses spend sizeable amounts of money and efforts in influencing the reference gestures of consumers.

  • The present generation customers are well-appointed in terms of social media interactions. Any reference, review or comment posted by them in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can be invaluable tools for brand promotion.
  • Before trying out your new products, the shrewd new customer is sure to sift through positive and more importantly, critical reviews and the extent to which your business has taken efforts to resolve customer issues.
  • Loyal customers, when engaged constructively will promote your products across new markets. Word-of-mouth publicity can travel far and wide and is an influential tool for penetrating into untried target markets.

Loyal customers shop to buy more

When customers are thoroughly satisfied with your product, they certainly do not mind adding a product or two more to their shopping cart. When new offers are launched or when new features are built- into products, the loyal consumer drives away scepticism by way of confidence he reposes in your brand value.

  • A new buyer is naturally insecure before he tries out your product and will restrict his purchases to a minimum.
  • On the other hand, a revisiting customer, who is loyal to your brand will not think twice before trying our various products you have recently added to your portfolio.

Selling probabilities to existing customer is more than those to new ones

Since loyal customers stand by your brand and its unique selling proposition, they perceive more value in the products they buy. As they come back for repurchase, it is an established fact that selling to them becomes easier.

  • Consumer loyalty becomes a cost-effective way for businesses to enhance their selling probabilities. The returning customer who has tried out your products to his satisfaction will gladly go in for next round of purchases without any hassle as regards to product performance and efficiency.
  • Selling your new product additions and up selling becomes easy when loyal customers are the sales prospects.

Loyal customers are accommodating and forgiving

Happy customers are accommodating, and are willing to ignore minor flaws or shortcomings. They tend to be more tolerant and less complaining, provided they stand by your product on firm grounds.

  • Loyal customers try to be more patient and are willing to stand by your brand, since they believe that their loyal brand will go the extra mile to get their issues sorted.
  • This is the reason why established business take mammoth efforts in sorting out even minor complaints even from small customers since a small customer today can become a loyal customer tomorrow and also expand the client base.

How consumer loyalty enhances profits

There are many ways by which a loyal customer becomes an asset to the business and its brand. They have a huge impact in improving the profitability of the business in many ways, direct and implied:

  • Loyal customers enhance the Pathwwway Gambling brand image and make the business grow big and credible. Credibility of the business puts it in a vantage position as it enjoys significant bargaining powers with its vendors, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Customer loyalty minimizes expenditure on sales and sales personnel, since a good chunk of business development is borne by customers themselves through referral marketing and remarketing.
  • Loyalty is the test by which customer disengagement is measured and curtailed. By preventing customers from drifting away towards competition, customer retention is achieved when businesses focus on building the loyalty factor.

Consumer loyalty thwarts competition easily

The benefit with a satisfied customer base is that brand affinity in them is strong. They stick to your brand without getting carried away by the tall claims of competitors.

  • Consumer loyalty is the only force with which your brand can survive the onslaught of competition.
  • Taking proper efforts to build customer confidence will automatically ensure ironing out of product and process flaws, refinement of customer service and delivery of impeccable products and services. Thus, every effort to reinforce customer loyalty is indirectly a way of keeping competition at bay.
  • Needless to mention, loyal customers empower businesses to cross the gates closed by competition in the case of entering new domains and new industries. In short, customer loyalty arms the market penetration process of businesses.

The machinery of critical feedback is enhanced by loyal consumers

Customer retention is possible only when customers believe that they are offered value added services that exceed money’s worth. Every business in the age of consumerism has learnt to receive critical feedback and make the most of it, rather than shunning away from them. Resolving friction points is the key to generation of the key asset called consumer loyalty, leading to customer retention. Buyer loyalty justifies personalized marketing efforts and  the magic of repeat business is promised only by loyal consumers.

Loyalty must be focussed with utmost effort and dedication. Thanks to technology, initiatives like CRM and personalized marketing help businesses to reach out to consumers and engage them better, without the need to make huge investments. With renewed changes to KPI fixation and incentivisation of the customer relationship team, customers and their concerns are accorded highest priority, in order to create loyal customers, organically.