5 Retention ideas for your customer base you can use every week.

Once you start thinking about it customer retention is simple. It’s a list of the little ways that you can encourage your current and past clients to come back for more. Coming up with retention ideas to keep customers engaged with your business is an integral part of any prosperous business.

Retention is a great strategy to stabilize your cash flow at the start of a new business or to be able to forecast sales in an older business. Many businesses owners are focused on finding new customers and growing their company. According to Pathwwway customer retention services, while it’s important to grow, you don’t want to be gambling all your ties with the customers who’ve already made it the end of the sales funnel.

It may not seem like it at first but having a solid list of retention ideas that you’re implementing regularly into your sales, marketing & communications channels is actually more lucrative than is sounds and over time will add sustainability to your company.

Here’s a list of 5 retention ideas to get you started creating your customer retention plan. 

Customer Retention idea 1 – Encourage sign-up’s

Whatever type of business you have, whether it’s an e-commerce business selling products or you’re offer services. One retention idea that enables you to maintain a close relationship with your customers is to encourage them to sign up for an account on your website or sign up for a simple newsletter.

If you want to get people interested make sure it’s clear what the customer is getting out of the account. Always ensure that the sign up process is as simple as possible. There’s nothing more tedious for a customer trying to quickly sign up to a service than finding they need to fill in a 3-page form just to register.

Your aim is to get as many of your customers signed up, but after you gain just one registered customer, you can begin trying out a million different customer retention ideas.

When you persuade someone to sign up you’ll then have a direct channel of communication with that customer and you’ll be able to entice him or her in to buying again. You could also use the communications opportunity to reinforce their loyalty by sending them special deals.

If you plan to encourage users to sign up remember to also make sure that password & account recovery is as streamlined as possible. A forgotten password could be the end of a customer’s journey with your brand. 

Customer Retention idea 2 – Easy and accessible customer services

Having a bad experience with a product or low quality customer service experience is known to be one of the biggest ways that businesses of all sizes lose customers. Perhaps one of the simplest customer retention ideas is to make sure your customer services are easy to use and high quality, such as those provided by Pathwwway retention services.

Email is the most common way that your customers will ask for help, yet some businesses don’t seem to realise that waiting for an email response is never fun. An easy way to frustrate and lose a customer is to keep them waiting too long.

Build trust with your customers by always responding promptly with high-quality helpful information. It’s best practice to make sure your customers receive these helpful responses within 24 – 48 hours. As part of your customer retention plan you could even state these guidelines on your website so customers know how long they’ll be waiting for a reply.

Customer Retention Idea 3 – Keep up to date with customer expectations.

Email is great for a certain type of query but not all customer service questions warrant an email sometimes a customer just needs a question answering quickly. If you have a tech-savvy customer base, this retention idea could work for you.

Year after year, people are expecting quicker responses from businesses and if you don’t keep up with the demand and expectation of your customers you’re likely to lose them.

Instant chat options have become an increasingly popular way of helping customers through quick issues or to answer those simple questions about services. This quick fire customer service method is an engaging way to connect with a current customer who may have a question, concern or problem.

If your business allows, set up an instant messaging service that connects directly to an active customer service representative. Having a service where your customers can quickly get an answer they need is a great way to engage people and show you care about their needs and quality of your service.

Customer Retention idea 4 – Reward Loyalty

If you value customer loyalty you should make sure your customers know and understand that. Another tried and tested retention idea is to build a loyalty program.

Of course, the most well know loyalty programmes that spring to mind are the ones used in coffee shops around the globe, but a loyalty program can be much more than that. You could base your loyalty program on products purchased or months of using a service.

Why not offer your most loyal customers: occasional discounts, a promotional code on special days, a free gift or a month of your service for free?

Loyalty schemes show that you value your relationship with your customers and remind your customer that they are important to your business. 

Customer Retention idea 5 – one click payment

How many times have you used Amazon because you know you don’t have to track down your credit card number or you don’t have to input your address once again?

This tip takes uses people’s laziness to your advantage. If you operate any kind of e-commerce, take a leaf out of the online giants book and offer safe and secure one-click payments.

Enable your customers to create a user profile so they can save form details like their address or their credit card number. This will cut down on the tedious form filling and your customers will be able to purchase items in your online shop as quickly and easily as possible.

You’d be wise to design your platform with this retention idea in mind because customers will always keep coming back to a platform they know is easy to use.