10 Customer Retention Tips to Revolutionize Your Email Marketing Campaign

If you run a business then you know that your customers are your most valuable assets! Despite this many small business owners do a poor job of customer retention and aren’t utilizing all the communications tools available to keep customers coming back for more.

One of the least used tactics is email marketing; we know there’s a lot of fear and confusion around email so we’ve put together a list for you. Follow the tips below and you’ll be creating great email marketing campaigns that can improve your customer retention rate.

1.Brand Awareness

A great way stay on the top of your customer’s mind and keep your customers coming back for more is to send regular communications. Your email marketing campaigns are a key way to maintain your name and brand recognition with clients and prospects.

2. Stay in touch the whole year-round  

It’s no good just to email your customers once in a blue moon. For your Pathwwway Internet Gaming email marketing to be an effective channel you need to be sending emails regularly the whole year round.

Sending timely emails that are relevant to seasonal trends can be a friendly reminder to your customers of who you are and what you value. If you’re struggling for content ideas, remember the golden rule: ‘Be sure to be helpful to your customers’

Depending on your business niche, if it’s summer you could create a packing list for a vacation, if you have a physical location you could compile a ‘best of’ list for things to do in your area.

Don’t just market at your audience, converse with them. This will lead to building and maintain better relationships with your customers.

3.Personalize your emails

The number one reason small businesses email marketing campaigns failing is because the emails are generic!

People receive hundreds of emails each and every day. You need to make sure your email stands out in their inbox, including someone’s first name in the subject line increases open rates by 22%.

But it’s not just about using recipient’s names, nowadays you really need to personalize the content as well. If Sue from Texas, for example always buys a certain product use that information in your campaign. Show Sue other products that fit well with her purchasing habits or offer her a discount on her favourite product.

  1. Provide Value

It’s easy to get caught up in the throes of creating your email copy and telling people all about how great your business or offer is, but remember who the reader is!

Before you hit send put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself the following questions: “Is this information interesting, as a customer?”, “What’s in it for you, the customer?”

If you’re having trouble seeing the value for your customers then you need to go back to crafting your copy and rewrite your content with your customer in mind.

  1. Be Relevant

Nobody likes opening an email to find content that is clearly not for them. One of the best ways to keep your customer retention high is to make sure every email that you send is relevant for every recipient.

Not every Pathwwway Internet Gaming Email marketing campaign you plan, design and send is going to be relevant to every person on your email list. This is where audience segmentation comes in, spend the time going through your list and grouping similar customers and prospects together. Depending on your business there are hundreds of different ways to segment your audience.

We suggest thinking about what type of emails you’ll be sending and creating lists around those themes. For example if you plan on sending a loyalty based discount code you’d need to segment your list into previous buyers and prospective customers. To ensure only previous customers got the loyalty discount email.

  1. Give Exclusive Extras

Looking for a way to get your customers to engage with your business via email? How about offering exclusive extras for customers and prospects who sign up to your mailing list.

This strategy provides value for both you and your customer, it adds another tool for your customer retention channels and your customer get’s a perk that they value.

Remember that the exclusive extras need to truly give value to your customers so they feel they are getting something in exchange for their email address. You can do this on multiple levels from creating exclusive e-books around your niche to sending special offers and discounts. Keep in mind that even a Happy Birthday freebie or coupon never hurts!

  1. Be Informative

As we said earlier, all the content in your emails should be valuable and informative to every person you’re emailing.

But there’s more to it than that, you don’t want your customers to think you just want their money! You want to become a valuable resource for your customer not just a company who pesters them when you have a sale.

Creating value is a sure-fire way to boost customer retention. The most effective way to do this is to design your email marketing campaigns around your customer’s needs not your business needs.

Offer customers solutions to problems or questions they might have around your product or niche. Don’t just tell them something they already know, tell them something new and useful to provide value.

  1. Be Mobile Friendly

If you’re sending email marketing you need to be mobile friendly! It’s not just the minority who open email on their phones anymore. With the prevalence of smartphones in people’s lives all across the world, it’s been reported recently that nearly 67% of all email opens happen on mobile devices.

If your email design isn’t mobile friendly, you’re probably missing out on two-thirds of your audience before you even hit send. You need to think mobile first for all of your email marketing efforts.

  1. Test your Timing

If you want your customer retention rates to increase you not only need to be delivering great emails you need to send them at the right time too.

Both the time of day you send an email and the timeliness of the content impacts your email’s performance.

To see what works best for your audience be sure to track their spend time and percentage of open rates and click rates.

Finding out works best can be a case of trial by error but you can experiment with A/B testing with different audience segmentations. This will give you valuable data to maintain customer retention rates and ensure the most people as possible see your email.

  1. Be Customer Focused and improve customer retention

Your customers must be the driving force behind every part your email communications, from subject line to the time you send your campaign. Always have your customer in mind!

To truly improve customer retention with email marketing, you need to really understand your customers’ behaviors and preferences. All the tips above will help you create email with the customer in mind to provide value and send effective email marketing.