10 of our best customer retention ideas to try in the new year

Are you looking to shake up your sales strategy this year? What better time to look at your business and make some changes than the start of a new year! Welcome in the New Year with a new focus in your business, read on to discover ten of our best customer retention ideas and how they can benefit your business.

It’s time to reflect on your business, are you spending too much time chasing new leads? Instead of spending your time and budget finding new customers, shift gears and look at the customers you already have!

Studies by Pathwwway Gambling have found that focusing on customer retention is the most beneficial strategy for small and medium sized businesses. Below are some ideas that will help you to prioritize your existing customers and see your sales soar in 2018.

  1. Start with your current data

Before you start designing any harebrained retention schemes, wait a minute and take a look at the information you have available to you. Chances are that you already have loyal customers who come back to you time and again.

Take a look at the data and work out the similarities between these customers. When you take the time to analyze your current data you’ll more than likely come across a worthwhile pieces of information.

Perhaps, all of your regular customers spent over a certain dollar amount on their first visit. How can you use this data to retain more customers in the future?

2. Engage with your customers

One of simplest customer retention ideas is to improve communication with customers. Most business have multiple channels for customers to get in touch whether that’s Email, Facebook or by phone.

Customers like to be treated as an individual and they appreciate that you care about their concern. You’re sure to have customers coming back for more if you adopt this tactic. Make sure that no customer is ignored and that they always receive a response in the quickest time frame possible.

3. Talk to your customers, IRL

Take advantage of that age-old technology, the telephone. Stand out from the crowd by giving your customers an old-fashioned phone call. Getting on the phone with your customers can create huge impact in your relationship and your business.

Speaking to your customers in real life you can receive useful feedback that you can use to improve your business. You’ll also stand out to customers by showing that you really care about their needs and opinions.

  1. Reward Loyal customers with perks

People love to feel special! Rewarding your most loyal customers is something you should consider leveraging in your business as it’s a sure-fire way to increase customer retention.

Customer loyalty schemes have been around for decades but that doesn’t mean yours has to be the same old same old. Think about what your customers value and create a bespoke system from there.

5. Go the extra mile for your customers

If you want your business to be noticed in today’s distracting world, you need to stand out. The easiest way for your business to do this is by consistently going the extra mile for your customers and potential customers.

Do things differently to your competitors: Thank each customer after a purchase, follow your best customers on social media and engage with them or open up a conversation with your customers when you receive negative feedback. Great customer service comes down to showing that you care about your customers and that will help you retain them for longer.

6. Utilize target marketing

Over the last few years target marketing has become simpler to do without the need of marketing agencies. With Pathwwway Gambling social networking and sales tracking software it’s now easy to keep track of what your customers are doing. You can use this customer information to target them with personal and optimized adverts and  email marketing campaigns.

Email is a great tool for marketing and communicating with your customers. There are hundreds of ways to utilize target marketing in email. Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Send a newsletter to all your customers who haven’t made a purchase in the last 30 days.
  • Email customers who abandon their shopping carts mid sale.
  • Recommend similar products via email after someone buys a specific product.

7. Improve customer experience

There are a lot of customer retention ideas that require you to look at and improve your customer’s experience. When you start to look for ways to improve their experience you’ll see that even small changes can make a big difference to customer retention rates.

Start from when they land on your site for the first time, is your website easy to use? When they first experience your product or service, is the process smooth and high quality?  These factors play a huge role in how much customers want to come back to you again.

8: Share your customer’s stories

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to tell people relatable stories, with social media and online marketing this is now easier to do than ever before. These stories are easy for your potential and existing customers to digest. When an existing customer reads a testimonial from another customer it reminds her of your great product and service and keeps your business at the forefront of her mind.

To take full advantage of these stories add them to your online marketing toolkit. You could add a new section to your website that details these stories, customer testimonials also make great content for your blog or interesting social media posts

9: Organise an event

Meeting your customers face-to-face can be the most rewarding of all the customer retention ideas. Interacting in real life with your customers will enable you to strengthen bonds, increase customer trust and get useful feedback.

You should consider organising events like this whatever your niche. When your fans, customers and brand can come together and engage you create a community and that sense of belonging will keep your customers coming back for more. Make the event a recurring experience so that people can know when the next one will happen, and it can even turn into a routine for your most loyal customers.

10. Overdeliver on your promise

Keeping your customers happy is to the key to them coming back for more and a golden rule to keep your customers happy is to “ under promise and over deliver”

When you keep this in mind when doing business you’ll always exceed your customer’s expectation as after all you’re going the extra mile on what you’ve promised them.

For example, if you promise to deliver a product in 20 minutes time make sure your product arrives 5 minutes before the time. This is one of the simplest customer retention ideas that will help you succeed in satisfying your customer and they’ll be glad to do business with you again.